International Conference Programme
December 16, 2020
There are about 415 settlements with a population of more than a thousand people in the Arctic throughout the world. Although Arctic cities exist as hubs of activity within the region and considered to be economic, governance and social centres, urban planners have yet to focus comprehensively on the region. Planning can be used to respond to and manage changes to the built environment, increasing the capacity of cities to absorb shocks and changes to the urban fabric. Urban planning as a form of resilience could become a key concept within the urbanization of the Arctic.
The conference is aimed at raising the following topics:
- Urban planning as a tool for solving the challenges of Arctic cities
- Design of Arctic cities
The event is to facilitate expanding the membership of the UArctic ARUP Thematic Network.
Starting time: Japan: 17:00, Russia: 11:00, Norway: 09:00